The 7th Qualifier tournament of the FIDE Online Juniors World Blitz Championship was held on July, 23, 2015 on the official FIDE Online platform.

The playing format was 11-round Swiss with the time control 3′+2”.

Top seed GM Mikhail Antipov (Chiffa) stormed through the field of 35 players, obtaining perfect 11/11 score. Thus, the 18 y.o. Grandmaster qualified for the next stage of the championship.

The other players who qualified are: WIM Pratyusha Bodda (Pratyusha) India 8.5, Zachary Tanenbaum (ManInTheMoon) United States 7.5, WFM Julia Alboredo (littlegirl) Brazil 7.0, Konstantinos Samaridis (kostas3912) Greece 7.0, Aleksey Zelenov (alexz2001) Russian Federation 7.0, Mert Tirak (mert96) Turkey 7.0 and Ramtin Tajbakhsh (ramrintajbakhsh) I.R. Iran 7.0.

The winner of the final tournament, where a rich prize fund of US$ 4250 is allocated, will be awarded with the prestigious title of FIDE World Online Junior Blitz Champion.

The last qualifier tournament will be held on August 20th | 13:00 (GMT/UTC time), make sure not to miss it!

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Contact information

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Final standings (top 10):

1 Mikhail Antipov 2510 GM Russian Federation 11.0
2 Pratyusha Bodda 2131 WIM India 8.5
3 Zachary Tanenbaum 2027 United States 7.5
4 Julia Alboredo 1749 WFM Brazil 7.0
5 Konstantinos Samaridis 1923 Greece 7.0
6 Aleksey Zelenov 1848 Russian Federation 7.0
7 Mert TIRAK 1848 Turkey 7.0
8 Ramtin Tajbakhsh 1860 I.R. Iran 7.0
9 Chelsie Monica Ignesias SIhite 2200 WIM Indonesia 6.5
10 Tiarks Jann-Christian 1988 Germany 6.0

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