Dear Chess Friends,

As the director of the Global Chess Festival I would like to invite you to the upcoming chess celebrations in October. Thanks to the Internet we can all connect to the Global Chess Festival, held on 8th October 2016.


Our Mission at the Global Chess Festival is to promote the 1000 faces of chess all around the world. We aim to share the beauty of chess with 5 million people in 10 years, to connect and enjoy chess related activities on the day of the festival.

Everyone is welcome to register and log in, to see the online events live. If your chess related event is also on the day of the Festival, you can also register with your event’s information and have it appear on the Global Chess Festival website. Your event would be placed on the Chess Map and on the Event page after the approval of the Global Chess Festival Team.

Please check out the details on our website at www.globalchessfestival.com/

Let’s celebrate the diversity of Chess together!

Kind Regards,

Judit Polgar

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