Girls’ Chat During Lunch At Chess Camp

2 young girls (one African American and the other one is white) were talking during lunch (about 9-11 years old) at SPICE Chess Camp. The younger one said I want to be the first woman chess grandmaster. The older one responded, you cannot.

The younger girl said why not? Because Susan is already the first woman chess grandmaster, the older girl said. So the younger one pondered for a few seconds. Then she said I want to become the first woman President of the United States. Her friend said again, you cannot.

With a confused look in her face, the younger girl asked why not? Because I will be the first woman President, the older girl said.

The younger thought about it for another few seconds, then came up with another idea. OK, you can be the first woman President. But I will be the first woman left handed President, and I will also be a lawyer so I can defend everyone.

The older girl smiled and said, that is good. And I will also be a doctor, as well as President, so I can heal everyone! The young girl in agreement said, that is good. I can defend you and you can heel me and we can both be Presidents

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