Anatoly Karpov: I brought this Gift for Fidel and Raul

Havana, April 24 (acn) Former Chess World Champ Anatoly Karpov announced, during a press conference here, that he presented Cuban President Raul Castro and Revolution leader Fidel Castro with two chess boards since he knew that Cuban leaders like chess.

“I know that Cuban leaders are fans of chess and therefore I brought this gift for Fidel and Raul, which we make in Russia and that bear my name,” said Karpov. He said that both chess boards were made following the design of those used during the 1966 Havana Olympics.

Karpov said he was very impressed with the popularity of chess in Cuba and the enthusiasm of the people during the simultaneous matches he attended in Cuba, first in central Santa Clara city (2004), and last Monday at the Havana-based IT university.

Karpov also extended his appreciation to Cuba for the treatment given to the victims of the Chernobil nuclear accident, an issue he said that he follows closely in his condition of president of the victims´ commission.

Source: Cuba News

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