General Assembly 2014
11-14 August 2014
Tromso, Norway

GA-2014/1. To discharge the Treasurer. The new Treasurer is Dr. Adrian Siegel.

GA-2014/2. To re-appoint Ernst & Young as FIDE External Auditors.

GA-2014/3. To elect the FIDE President with his ticket, 5 Vice-Presidents, Chairmen and members of the Ethics and Constitutional Commissions and members of the Verification Commission.

GA-2014/4. To appoint Mr. Nigel Freeman as Executive Director.

GA-2014/5. To award the organization of the World Schools Individual Championship 2016 to Tunisia.

GA-2014/6. To approve the organization of an event they choose for 2016 for the Romanian Chess Federation.

GA-2014/7. To award the organization of the 2014 U16 Chess Olympiad to the Hungarian Chess Federation, 12-22nd December.

GA-2014/8. To organize the Women’s World Team Championship in Chengdu, China, 18-29 April 2015.

GA-2014/9. To create an Online Commission, Marketing Committee and Skills Management Committee.

GA-2014/10. To award the organization of World Chess Olympiad 2018 to Georgian Chess Federation, to organize the event in Batumi, 1-15 September 2018.

GA-2014/11. To make additions to the Anti-Doping Regulations.

GA-2014/12. To turn Disabled Committee into Disabled Commission.

GA-2014/13. To organize the 2016 World Junior and Girls U-20 Championship in India.

GA-2014/14. To approve President’s nominations for Commission Chairmen and other FIDE offices.

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