Gata Kamsky

The 38th Nezhmetdinov Cup started with the rapid tournament that was held on 29-30th May at the Central Chess School in Kazan, Russia.

The tournament format was 9-round Swiss with the time control 15 min + 5 sec.

GM Gata Kamsky took a clear first place with 7,5 points in the field of 107 players.

Ivan Rozum, Azat Sharafiev, Alexander Predke, Aleksandar Indjic, Alexei Pridorozhny and Sergey Yudin shared the second place with 7,0 points each. Coming next are Alexander Morozevich, Alexei Fedorov and Vignesh N R on 6,5 points.

The total prize fund was 2300 EUR. The main event of the Nezhmetdinov Cup with standard time control has started today.

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