Loughborough MP Announces Free Chess Sets for Schools
Posted on February 13, 2008, 7:16 pm
P. Klein

Andy Reed MP today announced the giving away of chess sets to schools. The chess sets are available for schools as part of a scheme to provide a quarter of a million chess sets into the school network. Negotiations with manufacturers and distributors means that ten sets and boards can be presented to every school in England.

At a recent meeting in the House of Commons Holloid Plastics Ltd made a big-hearted offer to encourage interest in chess. They agreed to sponsor 250,000 chess sets to be distributed to schools throughout England. The allocation will be made in packages of 10 chess sets on a “first come first served” basis.

The offer give schools the opportunity to receive free of charge 10 chess sets for use to encourage more chess to be played in schools. The offer made in conjunction with the English Chess Federation is to encourage more young people to play chess.

The Loughborough MP told inLoughborough: “This offer is a great opportunity for school to receive chess sets and revive interest in chess. I encourage and call on all schools in the Loughborough area to apply for these sets.

I hope that chess can be taken up by a new generation of school children and this offer is a great way for schools to encourage chess to be played. I hope that school in Loughborough will make use of this opportunity.”

Source: www.inloughborough.com

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