I’m posting to let you know about a training program I believe you will find very useful: the Polgar Chess University.
This is a huge course with over 300 individual lessons, all presented by me, aimed at improving your chess anywhere from 1200 to 2000 level.
In Polgar Chess University I go into detail on the most important topics and skills in chess: attack, defense, tactics, endgames, positional play and strategy. We start with simple patterns and gradually build them up to sophisticated examples from the real games of Grandmasters so you understand them well enough to use in your own games.
This week, our friends at iChess.net are giving away a 3.5 hour course from Polgar Chess University called “Essential Chess Sacrifices.”
“Essential Chess Sacrifices” includes 8 lessons on things like Rook sacrifices on g7, Bishop sacrifices on h7 and the very impressive Nd5 sacrifice in the Sicilian Defense. If you’ve ever had a strong attack but not been able to find the breakthrough then this course will help!

Not only are iChess.net giving away this course, they are also offering a big discount on the usual price of the entire Polgar Chess University. This is 135 hours of lessons from me on the topics that have most helped my students (and myself) achieve success at the board.

Polgar Chess University covers (among many other things):

  • Bobby Fischer’s favorite attack for destroying the fianchettoed King position
  • The 3 Rook endings that will win you 100s of points in your chess career.
  • How to spot critical moments – and make the right decision.
  • How to tell when you should defend and when you must counter-attack.
  • Capablanca’s strategy for getting the best squares for his pieces – even when his opponent tried to prevent this.

If you would like to save 60% on my Polgar Chess University then click here. (If that link does not work, you can go to the shop and use the coupon polgar60 to get the discount).

There are also smaller, 15 hour, bundles that concentrate on specific topics and you can get these for half-price in the shop with the coupon polgar50.

These offers, including the free course, are only available until Sunday 6th December so please be quick!

P.S. The free course “Essential Chess Sacrifices” is only available this week so click here to get your copy.
FREE offer will expire on Sunday night.
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