Uganda is the first team to be forfeited at the 2008 Dresden Chess Olympiad!

As I have reported a few days ago, the Chief Arbiter and the Organizer decided to only give warnings to players / teams which were late in the first two rounds. I assume that they wanted to give the players a couple of rounds to get adjusted. However, they clearly said that they will STRICTLY enforce this rule starting round 3 and they kept their word!

In my Press Conference tonight, I will ask a member of the Technical Committee about this issue.

I now have the full story by the Technical Committee. The team from Uganda was not forfeited because they were late. What happened is only 2 players from the team were able to come to Dresden. Therefore, they played with only 2 players in the first two rounds.

However, one of the two players decided to go to his embassy to see if he can recruit 2 additional players for future rounds. According to the FIDE rules, one player cannot represent the team because it is less than 50%. Therefore, the entire team was forfeited.

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