Web Design Contest

FIDE announces web design contest for main FIDE website.

Task: to create web design for FIDE website main page and currently available sections: Handbook/ Directory/ Ratings/ Title Applications/ Calendar.

– should be sent via email to and or presented as link to working and complete version before deadline
– it should integrate with current FIDE website menu structure

– there is no guarantee that your proposal will not be modified if selected
– any submission must be of an original work by the submitter/submitters (you are free to use the FIDE logo for the proposal)
– submitters grants the FIDE a royalty-free license to use and/or modify their respective designs, though all submitters retain the rights to their work

1st prize 1500 EUR
2nd prize 1000 EUR
3rd prize 500 EUR

The best submission will be selected by January, 25 2017 and announced on FIDE website.

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