On the occasion of the 28th Magistral Ciudad de Leon Tournament the FIDE Skills Management Committee (SMC) was invited to give a speech at the local Club de Prensa.

The Chairman and GM Roberto Mogranzini was invited by the tournament organizer IM Marcelino Sión Castro to introduce to the Spanish audience some of the ideas and theories basing the approach of getting together chess and business.

At the presence of a crowded conference room the Chairman GM Roberto Mogranzini highlighted how chess and business, as much as finance, have in common especially when speaking about making tough decisions with a very short time at disposal.

FIDE Skills Management Committee at the Magistral Ciudad de Leon

Using the mental approach owned by a chess Grand Master to improve managers’ skills seems to be the keystone for increasing competences in business and consequently reaching always higher achievements.

Speakers at the conference were GM Roberto Mogranzini and Mr. Luca Barillaro, investor, accompanied by FM Leontxo García and Mrs Maria Jesus Soto who created the web contest based on Chess and Finance.

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