WCF to promote Pakistan chess
February 26, 2014

LAHORE- FIDE (World Chess Federation) vice president and ‘Chess in School Commission’ chairman Ali Nihat Yazici said that the WCF would start a coordination programme with Chess Federation of Pakistan (CFP) for progress of the game in Pakistan.

Talking to this scribe on Tuesday, Yazici, who is also Turkish Chess Federation (TCF) chief, said that the mutual cooperation would centre around the initiative for chess in schools. The meeting was attended by representatives of all the provincial associations, government departments and chairperson of women wing of the Federation among the others.He further enlightened the participants about the miraculous development which Turkish Chess Federation (TCF) achieved under his leadership. He spoke about all the initiatives the TCF undertook due to his endeavours to change from a dwarf into a giant.

Speaking on the occasion, CFP secretary Dr Naeem Hamid Mirza said: “In 2001, the Turkish Chess Federation only had about 300 members in its fold while today it has more than 900,000 registered members. All this happened due to the vision and hard work of Ali Nihat Yazici and his colleagues.” The CFP secretary said Yazici shared all his experiences with his Pakistani colleagues and assured them his full support and coordination in this regard.

“Yazici expressed his firm resolve to build a sustainable structure throughout the country so that all the players including youth and women enjoy the pursuit of the game and participate freely in national and international events,” he added. –Azhar Khan

Source: http://www.nation.com.pk

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