On February 28, the FIDE President concluding his tour around the countries of Central America arrived to Mexico. President met with the Deputy Director of National Commission of Physical Culture and Sports of Mexico (CONADE) Mr. Juan Manuel Garduno Moreno who is responsible for the non-Olympic games, including chess, for specialists training and the general infrastructure. Mr. Moreno told about the activity and the main objectives of the National Commission, which fulfills the functions of the Ministry of Sports.

The both sides discussed the ways of cooperation, in particular CiS programme and possible students’ education in the Russian specialized universities. It was reported that chess is among other five sports disciplines to be taught at schools, so in the next school year all 200 000 schools will start implement chess programme. The main task is the training of specialists and in this connection, any methodological and consultative assistance from FIDE will be well received here. At the meeting also present were FIDE Continental President for Americas Mr. Jorge Vega, President of Mexican Chess Federation Mr. Raul Enrique Hernandez, FIDE President’s Assistant Mr. Berik Balgabaev, Curator of humanitarian cooperation and scholarships granting in the Russian universities, Councilor of Russian Embassy in Mexico Mr. Igor Fedorov.

Then FIDE delegation visited the National Olympic Committee where was met by the Vice President of NOC Mr. Mario Garcia de la Torre, General Secretary Mr. Pedro Cuervo Aja and the Permanent member of NOC Mr. Enrique Villargan de la Mora. The visitors acquainted themselves with an excellent infrastructure of NOC and even had lunch in its canteen together with the present athletes. FIDE President appealed to NOC with a suggestion to consider the FIDE’s endeavor on becoming a part of Olympic family paying attention to the positive moments in this direction. The Mexican NOC representatives expressed the support and promised to address to the IOC leadership with the corresponding message.

After NOC FIDE delegation met with one of the most authoritative persons of world sport, President of Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) Mr. Mario Vazquez Rana. Until recently, Don Mario was a member of the IOC, led and still is a member of a huge number of major sporting bodies, has incomparable experience and wisdom. Speaking about the perspectives of chess becoming the part of Olympic family, Don Mario paid attention to the necessity of chess presence in the programme of Pan-American Games, in particular in 2019 in Lima, Peru. He promised to render the assistance in this matter.

Later FIDE President met with the leadership of Mexican Chess Federation. Present were its President Mr. Raul Enrique Hernandez., Vice President Mr. Javier Alberto Herrera, Vice President Mr. Jorge Sepulveda, General Secretary Ms. Rosa Estela Mendoza Garcia, Treasurer Mr. Jorge Jaime Montano Ochoa, Mexican journalists covering the chess themes. FIDE President answered numerous questions related to FIDE’s activity.

Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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