FIDE Presidential Election Analysis

The Kasparov campaign team was very optimistic about their chances prior to the FIDE Presidential election. He had plenty of financial support for a powerful global campaign. Kasparov himself and his teams traveled across the globe to spread his message.

Banners, signs, billboards, and flags of Kasparov 2014 were all over the entire city of Tromsø. The election was held in Norway, which supported Kasparov. Things looked real good. But at the end, he lost by a huge margin of 110-61. In addition, all his candidates in other elections (VPs and Continentals) also were soundly defeated.

The question is why did the delegates soundly reject the former World Champion and his entire slate? Even countries which supported Karpov and were traditionally anti-FIDE voted against him. Why did he get even lower numbers than other candidates in previous election after spending so much more money and time to campaign? What went wrong? What have we learned from this?

Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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