FIDE Announcement:

World Youth Chess Championship 2009. Inspection in Debrecen, Hungary

Mr. Israel Gelfer, Honorary Vice President and Mr. Berik Balgabayev, Special Assistant to the President have concluded an inspection visit to Debrecen, the second largest city in Hungary to review the facilities and conditions being offered as part of the bid to host the World Youth Championship there in 2009.

Debrecen has been reached from Budapest on a highway in two hours but is also served by Intercity train service and an international airport.Beyond the Hungarian Chess Federation which was represented by General Secretary Mr. Korpics and Director for Organization, Mr. Marti, the leaders of the local Chess Association, Mr. Zsolt Szabo as well as Mr. Sandor Kantor emphasized that Debrecen has proven capability to organize World and European Championships, the City Council fully supports the chess bid and hopes for the World Chess Championship 2009 to be held in Debrecen.

The Hungarian side gave the Delegation a detailed tour of the facilities, including Hungary’s most modern sport complex, the Phoenix Hall, several hotels, the famous Aquatic Park that can be freely visited by the participants during the championship. The inspection team also checked the transportation opportunities, some nearby restaurants (although the teams will be served in the chosen hotels) and entertainment and physical sport facilities. The Hungarians answered all the questions of the inspection team and run through the check-list and requirement description of FIDE in a detailed manner.

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