Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Andy Murray met each other in Chicago and played two games of chess .

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray Play a Game Of Chess
By Michael Cansenti (Contributor – Satire) on September 20, 2010

It was a beautiful day, the kind of day that evoked a feeling of nostalgia, of being a child, ever so carefree. So that day Roger Federer contacted Rafael Nadal, and they agreed on a time to meet each other. Roger Federer, always a person of perfection, arrived early with his Rolex watch, looking at his time piece to determine the wait until his companion Rafael Nadal came. It wasn’t a long time of waiting, but the look on Roger Federer’s face by the time Rafael Nadal came was one of impatience. Rafael Nadal came hustling to Roger, and in his usual humble self, apologized.

The two got into Roger’s personal white limousine. It was a well-sized automobile, with white seats, a telephone, two televisions manufactured by Sony, and even a desktop computer. Roger and Rafael sat a moment in silence, a moment just too long, which showed the two friends’ subtle yet sure and steady rivalry against each other. But the two tennis titans warmed up without any hesitation.

…Rafael: So what are we gonna do in here?

Roger: You know, eat, drink, hang out.

Rafael: What definition of ‘hang out.’

Roger replied with the tiniest hint of a glimmer in his eye.

Roger: Hang out. Meaning, uh, socialize, perhaps play a game or two of… chess?

Rafael protested, claiming he didn’t have any chess skills, but the mighty Swiss stood his ground. Suddenly, Roger and Rafael had to stop their conversation because they were interrupted with an incessant honking at them. Roger muttered to himself, saying that he thought “only in New York did people honk so rudely.

“Hey Roger and Rafa,” a familiar voice called out.

The two froze. It couldn’t be, but it sounded so much like Novak. Rafa was the first to recover from the shock.

Rafael: Who is it?

Novak: It’s me, you know, your friend Novak.

Rafael: Really? You kidding me?

Novak: Really. And I came here with my pal Andy.

Rafael: Murray is it?

Novak: Yes, yes, of course.

Roger: We saw you behind us in our white limo as we drove here. What was with all your make up?

Novak: Oh, I was just clowning around. Do you want us to play a game of chess with you?

Andy: You’re right Novak, let us play.

Roger: All right, all right. In fact, you know, I was about to play chess with Rafa.

Rafael: That is right. This is funny, no? You all want to play chess, no? But not me.

Roger: Whatever, don’t listen to what the guy says. Majority rules!

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