Today Veselin Topalov dedicated his day to the people in Elista. It is typical for him to pay a lot of attention to media and common people as well. That is what he did in Morelia, that is what he did in Leon, Sofia, and all the cities he visited this year.

The last few days he spent in his villa or walking with friends around the steppe. He did not want to get involved in the political games that were taking place around City Chess.

Today he finally went around the city. As usual he did not refuse an autograph to anybody, he talked with common people, and payed attention to the International children chess tournament taking place in the city.

This is a report from Topalov’s fan website.

His fans also pointed out the following on the website:

Q: Is it possible that Kramnik’s going to the bathroom is provoked by his health problems?

A: Danailov states that Kramnik did not go to the bathroom for 5 hours. These are five intensive hours, plane travel and walking around Elista. It does not seem logical. And even if it does A.S Nikitin, in an interview for, shares that Kramnik should have warned the officials beforehand. In such case no base for scandal would be present.

James Kilner on Yahoo states that the arthritis Kramnik has should provoke an opposite reaction. “Sitting on the toilet in his condition is painful,” Mr. Kilner says.

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