Conference with Judit Polgar
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9. Women in chess and beyond

– Who do you feel you are – who are you, in your view, first and foremost? To what degree have you managed to express yourself in that regard?
A happy person!

Carlos Ayala:
– How would you describe yourself? (AdE)
A strong personality.

Adin Garrido:
– Many of the elite players in their commentaries talk about “playing like Judit Polgar”. It’s surely a compliment… How do you play? (AdE)
When someone says “playing like Judit Polgar” it means going for sharp tactics and a king hunt 🙂

Martin Rodriguez:
– As the women’s number one in chess, what legacy will you leave for future generations? (AdE)
You can achieve your dreams as a woman as well!

– Is it a matter of principle that you don’t play in events for the title of Women’s World Champion or might you one day take an interest in that?
I was raised by my parents to compete in the open section, because that way I could improve better. It was also because it was my parents’ belief that a woman can achieve the same as men if they compete in the same circumstances. In the last decade quite a few women have appeared who are real professionals with strong grandmaster coaches, and who play well. Never say never 🙂

sundararajan ganesan:
When will you take part in the Women’s World Chess Championship? (CiT)

Judit Wins:
Greetings GM Judit Polgar. You’re the best female chess player ever and a top-10 best chess player.
– Will you win the Women’s Chess Championship for us fans? We all enjoy your play and would certainly like to see you win. (CiT)
Thanks, maybe one day, but not in the near future..

Francisco Calderon:
– Have you ever played a “feminine” tournament? (AdE)
On a few occasions, like twice at the 1988 and 1990 Olympiads and also in the Under 16 Girls in 1986 [As a 10-year-old – Ed.].

Is it possible that in future you’ll take part in women’s tournaments?
I’m not planning on it.

Judit, can you honestly say that you’re not even slightly interested in the title of Women’s World Champion?
At the moment I’m not interested, sorry.

Have you ever thought about again playing against women, for example a friendly match against the Women’s World Champion or something like that, or doesn’t women’s chess interest you at all now?
What do you mean friendly? 🙂

Noah Spauldingimg:
You have stayed away from women only tournaments while girls only tournaments in the US have been encouraged to get more girls involved in chess.
– What is your reasoning for not competing in women only tournaments? Especially for the World Champion spot? (CiT)
I was brought up to look for challenges and the men’s events were much stronger. Playing in the open section is much more interesting.
If I’ve lived my life with that attitude why should I change now?

Hou Yifan is the undisputed female champion.
– Do you believe that one day she’ll have your rating and be in your position in the elite group? (AdE)

Peter Anderson:
– Do you think any of the current women’s elite can equal or surpass your achievements? How long do you think it will be before another woman reaches the world’s top 100 or even the top 10? (CiT)
I believe Hou Yifan has the biggest chance not only because she’s very good but also because she’s young, which counts for a lot!

– And have you ever played Hou Yifan? (AdE)
No, I’ve never played her.

Is it possible that in future you’ll play a match against Hou Yifan?
Everything’s possible.

Jason S:
– Would you agree to a match vs. Hou if the money was right? (CiT)
With big prize money I would consider it.

– Might a match against Hou Yifan be of interest to you?
I’d treat such a match as playing against a 2600 grandmaster.
– How do you rate her play and potential?
It’s clear she hasn’t reached her peak yet.

Yuan Eu Liao:
The current Women’s Grand Prix Tournaments are great as are the other women’s tournaments and Championship Cycle, but they simply prevent the best female players from facing stronger male opponents in other tournaments. If the best female players keep themselves in the comfort zone of those tournaments, I think none of them will reach the next level (2700). But who (besides you) wouldn’t want to fight for the Women’s World Championship, defend her title, and win the prizes from the Woman’s Grand Prix Tournaments? And so there isn’t much time left for other mixed tournaments.
– What should FIDE and the National Federations do to help further advance the level of women’s chess?
– Do you have any suggestions? (CiT)
If a woman would like to reach the highest level then she should play in tournaments where she can learn. Focus on improving your chess.

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