Chess For Girls 2015

VIENNA, AUSTRIA, May 20, 2015 – The FIDE Commission for Women’s Chess (WOM) is pleased to announce, the 2ndAnnual WOM Chess for Girls event, to take place June 28 through July 4 in Vienna at Webster University’s campus in Vienna, Austria.

Ten of the top young talents from around the world (from 10 different countries!) were invited based on the April 2015 Top Girls’ rating list, with the restriction that only one player per federation was allowed.

Here is the list of the ten confirmed participants:

Ziaziulkina, Nastassia (Belarus) 2423 (participated in Chess For Girls Geneva 2014)
Khademalsharieh, Sara (Iran) 2412 (participated in Chess For Girls Saigon 2014)
Medina, Aulia (Indonesia) 2412 (participated in Chess For Girls Saigon 2014)
Abdumalik , Zhansaya (Kazakhstan) 2393 (participated in Chess For Girls Saigon 2014)
Osmak, Iulija (Ukraine) 2368
Rodriguez, Paula (Colombia) 2358
Davaademberel, Nomin-Erdene (Mongolia) 2337
Bykova, Anastasia (Russia) 2337
Mammadzada, Gunay (Azerbaijan) 2336 (participated in Chess For Girls Geneva 2014)
Gazikova, Veronika (Slovakia) 2314

The Chess for Girls initiative was a great success in 2014 (with two events in Geneva and Ho Chi Minh City) and we aim to continue to promote and further women’s chess. The event is co-sponsored by the WOM, Webster University, Austrian Chess Federation and the Susan Polgar Foundation. The idea is to raise the playing level of the elite young female talent worldwide. First, a four-day training session will take place with former World Champion Susan Polgar (and her team), followed by a 2-day round-robin competition in Rapid Chess G/15 +10.

The competition will be open to the public, on July 3 and 4, starting at 10am on both days. The event venue will be Webster University’s Vienna campus at the Palais Wenkheim (Praterstraße 23).


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