The Guyana Chess Federation elects its committee
By Errol Tiwari April 5, 2009 in Features, Sunday

The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.- Mahatma Gandhi.

The Guyana Chess Federation (GCF) held its annual general meeting last Sunday and the following persons were elected to office: Errol Tiwari – President; Omar Sharyff – Vice-president; Kenrick Braithwaite – Secretary; Shiv Nandalall – Treasurer; Irshad Mohamed – Tournament Director; Learie Webster – Chess Trainer; Dennis Dillon – Fund raiser; David Khan – Committee Member and Vishnu Rampersaud – Committee member.

Newcomers to the committee are Sharyff, Dillon, Braithwaite, Webster, Khan and Rampersaud, chessplayers all, some of whom have been disciples of the game for many years. Much will be required of the committee during 2009, if we are to fulfil the expectations of those who are of the view, and rightly so, that chess should prosper internationally, and that we should multiply the numbers of those who play the game competitively at home.

Of course, to fulfil such an ambitious programme would take time, hard work and dedication to the cause. It’s going to be an exhausting struggle to reach the top at the grandmaster level. But beginning this year, if we formulate a long-term plan of action in this direction, we can begin to chip away at the daunting stone which blocks our path to international chess respectability.

Taffin Khan was serious when he told a television interviewer from NCN that his desire is to become a grandmaster. We have to help him. Cecil Cox was serious when he told me he wanted to become a grandmaster also. They both have time on their side and they have already turned their eyes towards the GCF to propel them forward in their quest to realise their dreams. We have an obligation to show them the way, and clear their paths of the obstacles which are there to hinder their progress.

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