As I mentioned to you last night, Paul and I had a long meeting with Dr. Eric Moskow at his home. We discussed many chess topics and he clearly knows what he is talking about.

One of the topics that Eric mentioned really caught the attention of both Paul and I. He wants to prove something and we both believe that he is right.

Eric was a strong master in his earlier days of chess. Both of my sisters and I played Eric in 1992 when he already left chess. Even without much practice at that time, he gave grandmasters fit. I can say that I was fortunate to win. But as many of our top and talented junior players in America, they have to choose between chess and a different professional career. Eric decided to choose another path. He became a successful medical doctor and later an incredible business person.

Besides being successful in just about everything he does, he is also a loving and devoted father to four children.

Now, he wants to help chess and he wants to prove another very interesting theory. He is a medical doctor. He believes that doctors do get better with age because they understand more and have more experience. Unlike the normal wisdom that chess players go downhill after the early or mid 30’s, Eric believes that chess can be like medicine. He believes that he is better now than he was before and he wants to prove it.

His goal? To train for one year to become an International Master! He missed IM norms by a hair 4 times recently. Some people disagree with his theory and they said that he cannot do it. As a typical winner, he is even more motivated when people doubt him. He wants to prove them wrong. Both Paul and I believe that he can do it.

I believe that one of the reasons why adults do not do as well as young players is because of the circumstances. When we have children, families and responsibilities, it is hard to stay focus with just chess. We do not have the time to train because we have jobs and have to make a living. But if that element is taken out, I do believe that adults can excel in chess.

This will be a very interesting test. I told Eric that I will help him with my special training method. His friend GM Kaidanov is a wonderful trainer and no doubt will make a major impact. I will continue to update you on his progress and we will see where things stand in about a year. What do you think?

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