Donate your old sets for use as grade booster bribes

Many of our players have never owned their own board, set or chess books so, while many teachers offer candy, or a homework pass to get kids to improve their grades and attendance, I am offering them sets, boards and books.They must show me a before and after report card, or have a teacher’s note.

I got the idea after Jon Solomon dropped off a load of gently used Chess Life Magazines, travel sets, pieces and boards. The kids begged for them and I needed to come up with a fair distribution method. This week’s video (below) shows how the plan organically formed on the spot at Lamberts Point Wednesday night.

Please help me continue to do this by sending your gently used sets, boards and other chess-related materials to:

Lisa Suhay or The Chess Lady or NICE Chess (Any one will bring me to mind)

c/o Lamberts Point Community Center, 1251 W. 42nd Street, Norfolk, VA 23508

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