Leinier Dominguez Wrapped Up Excellent Performance at Championship of Spanish Chess Clubs
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Monday, 28 November 2011 14:51

Dominguez —the best-ranked Latin American player with an ELO rating of 2,712 points— tied with Ponomariov (2,723) after 30 moves of a Spanish Opening to end his participation in the event with five units out of six possible, as a result of four wins and two draws.

Earlier in the competition Dominguez beat Russian GM Alexey Dreev (2,710) and then drew with Spanish Francisco Vallejo (2,705); later on, he downed Armenian GM Gabriel Sargissian (2,671), Ukrainian GM Sergey Fedorchuk (2,632) and Indian GM Penatala Harikrishna (2,673).

With this performance, Dominguez won 17.9 units of ELO rating, which will be added to his current tally in January when the International Chess Federation (FIDE) updates its world raking.

The Cuban player helped the Sestao Naturgas chess club place second in the seven-team event with 23 points, only behind the Gros Xake Taldea, which topped the standings with 24.5 units. Following the leaders were Colegio Marcote (19), CA Reverte Albox (17), CA Linex-Magic (15.5), CA Solvay (15) and Cajacanarias (12). / Radio Rebelde

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