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Published : Monday, October 28, 2013 00:00
Written by : Ed Andaya

Final standings after six rounds:

4.5 points — W. So (Philippines)
3 — M. Adams (England), R. van Kampen (Netherlands)
1.5 — L. Van Wely (Netherlands)

HOOGEVEEN, Netherlands — GM Wesley So capped another memorable week of chess by ruling the Unive 2013 chess tournament at the Hoogeveen Hall here Sunday.

So, who was assured of the title as early as the fifth round Saturday, agreed to a draw against the older and higher-rated Michael Adams for the second time in as many games in one week.

It was more than enough, however.

The 20-year-old Filipino champion, who also bagged the coveted gold medal in the 27th Summer Universiade in Kazan, Russia last July, finished with 4.5 points on three wins and three draws in the four-player, double-round tournament.

The second-seeded Filipino (ELO 2706) finished one and a half points ahead of Adams and GM Robin van Kampen of the Netherlands, who drew his final-round match with fellow Dutch GM Loek van Wely.

After the game, So sent a message to his fans and supporters.

“Thank you for following my games. I want to say that I dedicate my win here in Unive to my wonderful coach Susan (Polgar).”

“My next events will be Pan Americans and Tata Steel, and I intend to focus and prepare seriously for both events. Next month, I will be the coach of the USA Team for the World Team in Turkey, and in between those events, I have my classes of course.”

Overall, So won over Van Wely twice and Van Kampen once.

His draws came against Adams twice and Van Kampen once.

The latest triumph by So was also received warmly by his supporters in Barangay Wesley.

“Congratulations to Wesley So for a very fine tournament victory. It’s not often someone wins a 6-round event against such powerful opposition with a round to spare,” said twinlark.

“So played at an impressive 2875 performance and gained an incredibly 13 rating points, placing him at number 32 in the world in the live list,” said wordfunph.

“Congrats on Wesley winning Unive. Finishing ahead of Michael Adams (who won Dortmund) is impressive,” said chancho.

“Another trophy for Mr. So. Good strategy of drawing with higher-rated opponent and winning over lower-rated ones,” said chessguru1.

“Hard work pays. It was a great tournament and a deserved championship,” said 321ycnay.

“Congratulations to the 2013 Unive Crown champion (17th Edition): GM Wesley So,” said joeyj.

“Congratulations GM Wesley So. Many thanks to Miss Susan Polgar,” said jaimenarin.

“From Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte, our club stand up to say the best congratulations to you GM W. So,” said dunkenchess.


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