Watch: First Odd Teaser for B&W Sundance Film ‘Computer Chess’ 
by Alex Billington 
February 4, 2013 

Description from the Sundance 2013 guide: “Is there a computer program in the house which can stand up against a human chess master?” That’s the question posed by mastermind of the game Pat Henderson, head of an annual computer chess tournament. Set in 1980 in a nondescript hotel, Computer Chess follows several young geniuses as they try to make the ultimate chess program to beat a human player. As the nerdy guys sweat through various social situations (especially with the one girl there), and the convention overlaps with a group of new-age couples in therapy, things get really strange. The film just premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and will also play SXSW 2013. It was shot on Sony AVC-3260 video cameras from 1969. As far as we know, it still doesn’t have a distribution deal confirmed, but we expect to hear more soon.

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