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Event Schedule 

o Saturday, April 6th: Round 1 at 10AM, Round 2 at 5PM. 
o Sunday, April 7th: Round 3 (Final Round) at 9 AM. 
o Awards Ceremony: TBD, usually about 15-30 minutes after the last game finishes on Sunday (Round 3, which usually finishes between 1 and 2PM). 
o The Time Control for each Round is 90-minutes, with a 30-second Time Increment … for each player. Therefore, one game could (in theory) last 4-5 hours. 
o We will work hard to arrange for “Online Broadcast” of the games via 

· Participants (in alphabetical sequence) … click here to see the Team Rosters. 

o The University of Illinois 
o The University of Maryland at Baltimore County 
o The University of Texas at Dallas 
o Webster University 

· Spectator Info 

o Spectators are WELCOME 
o NO CELL PHONES or any electronic communIcation device are ALLOWED in the playing room o FOOD, WATER AND COFFEE provided at the tournament site is for the PLAYERS ONLY 
o You will be required to pickup a “Visitor’s Badge” at the Booz Allen front desk before entering the playing area

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