These are some of MY personal code of conducts as a chess professional, grandmaster, World and Olympic Champion, promoter and ambassador:

1. Proper dress code – I would not wear shorts, jeans, T-shirt, sweat pants or sweatshirt to chess events or when I represent my sport in other events.

2. Proper dealing with the media – I always go out of my way to accommodate the chess and mainstream media. I learn to speak clearly, concisely, logically and properly. I always try to improve in this area.

3. Proper dealing with the chess fans – I always give as much time as possible to the chess fans, talking to them, giving autographs, posing for pictures, etc. I always do my best to be polite and courteous to everyone.

4. Proper respect to the game – Win, lose or draw, I try to give my all and fight hard. I also give the proper respect to my opponent, regardless of his or her rating. Win with grace and lose with dignity.

5. Proper respect to the organizers and sponsors – I always make sure to repeatedly thank the organizers and sponsors as well as getting them as much publicity as possible. I want to give the sponsors and organizers reasons to support chess again. Attacking sponsors and organizers is simply unacceptable.

These are just some of the things that I believe in and live by. It is not up to me to advocate or enforce it. It is up to individual chess players. But if professional players cannot conduct themselves properly and professionally, how can they expect to get sponsorship or endorsement?

What do you think? What do YOU expect from chess professionals?
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