Chinese dragon wins Canadian Open
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Nearly two weeks ago, a certain Susan Polgar was in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, presiding as the honorary chair of the 2007 Canadian Youth Chess Championship. The talk over dinner turned to the upcoming 2007 Canadian Open Chess Championship, a ten-round, one-section event that would feature more than twenty Grandmasters, including five from the exalted above-2650 ranks: GM Bu Xiangzhi of China, GM Nigel Short of Great Britain, GM Vadim Milov of Switzerland, GM Kamil Miton of Poland and GM Sergey Tiviakov of the Netherlands. Who did Polgar favour to win? Her answer was short and sweet: Bu.

Turns out she was right. Although after nine rounds, four GMs – Bu, Milov, Miton and Sandipan Chanda of India – were tied for first with 7/9, Bu, with the black pieces, downed Milov while Miton and Chanda drew. Short won his last round game, but finished a half point behind Bu, along with Miton, Chanda, Russian GM Bator Sambuev and Canadian IM Thomas Krnan.

Final standings

# Name Rating Total

1 GM Xiangzhi Bu 2685 8.0
2 GM Nigel D. Short 2683 7.5
3 GM Kamil Miton 2648 7.5
4 GM Chanda Sandipan 2563 7.5
5 IM Tomas Krnan 2492 7.5
6 GM Bator Sambuev 2482 7.5

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