China - Russia-002

Another China – Russia match, now between men’s teams, takes place on July 28 – August 2 in Jiangnancun, Fuyuan County, on Heixiazi Island on the Amur river. The second part of it will be played in Harbin on December 12-17.

The system is rather unusual for chess, being more standard for cybersports.

Before the tournament, each team will confirm the order of the players. Once it is settled, it cannot be changed. The players will draw the lots to decide the color. Then the colors will be rotated. One game will knock out the loser. If the game is drawn, the two players will have two blitz games. If they draw again, the two players will have a sudden death game. The losing team will send a second player against the winner of its counterpart, and the like till the end of the tournament.

Each team consists of five players. FIDE control time – 90 min for 40 moves and 30 min before the end with 30 sec increment for each move. Two blitz game for tie-break: 5 minutes with 3 seconds from the first move.

The winner of each individual match will receive usd 5,000 and the loser will get usd 3,000.The winning team will receive usd 50,000. The losing team gets nothing.

The first four games of the match are played on July 29 – August 1.


1. Sergey Karjakin
2. Evgeny Tomashevsky
3. Alexander Morozevich
4. Ian Nepomniachtchi
5. Dmitry Andreikin


1. Wei Yi
2. Ding Liren
3. Ni Hua
4. Yu Yangyi
5. Wang Yue

Live Games

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