All members of the #1 Ranked Webster University National Championship Team are CrossFitters. They train at CrossFit26. Being fit helped them with grueling competitions such as PanAm InterCollegiate Championship & Final Four, etc. 

Tomorrow they will put their chess skills and fitness to test with first Chess/Fitness Challenge. It will be held at CrossFit26 in St. Louis at 1pm.

2 players head to head, one match at a time (7 minutes per player with no increment).

0-3 min 500m Row – RTC – (Remaining Time Chess play w/ clock)
3-5 min 40 Air Squats – RTC
5-7 min 30 Sit Ups – RTC
7-8 min 20 Push Ups – RTC
8-10 min 10 Ring Rows – RTC

All CrossFit movements will be judged with required range of motion and timed.

The player who finishes the movement first will have fist move and start the opponents chess clock (to start the match).

Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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