Chess tip for parents: Your children do NOT need to play EVERY weekend or in EVERY tournament available. Yes, it is very important for them to learn to compete, learn to win, and learn to handle losses.

But it is also very important for them to improve every day / week / month by understanding why they lose and improve on areas which cost them games.

It is not wise to spend $4K-$6K (sometimes up to $20K) to go to a major event knowing that your children do not have the knowledge and tools to compete, do well, or win. It is not their fault. That money is better spent to get appropriate coaching to help them improve and understand chess more.

If they keep losing without significant improvement, they WILL get discourage and chess will no longer be enjoyable. This is one of the main reasons why children want to quit chess. No one wants to get beat up on the chess board in every tournament.

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