Chess teaches kids life lessons
by David Chong, Minnesota Public Radio
February 14, 2010

Minneapolis — Kids today seem to have a growing number of distractions for their attention, from cell phones to iPods to video games. Yet schools are finding the classic game of chess is helping to focus the minds of some of their students.

Over the weekend, the Minneapolis School District hosted a district-wide chess tournament, in hopes that the centuries-old game will teach kids some of the skills they’ll need as adults.

In the cafeteria at Minneapolis North High School, 140 kids of all ages turn their attention to the plastic black and white chess pieces before them.

While these students compete for the top places at this chess tournament, they’re playing under a fairly relaxed set of rules. They don’t have to worry about the point systems that are used to rank players at many other chess tournaments.

Organizer Derek Emery said the idea at this tournament is to present a non-threatening environment, so that players of all levels feel welcome.

“It’s just a great opportunity to inspire young people to play,” said Emery. “It doesn’t matter if you know only one or two moves to play, or if you are an advanced player. This is the place to be.”

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