Chess teaches students patience, strategy
Hillsboro teams compete in home tournament
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Rob and Sharon Denholm, of Hillsboro, think playing chess has helped their son Matthew improve his focus on schoolwork.

It has taught him patience and given him confidence, they said during a tournament Saturday in Hillsboro. Matthew is in sixth grade at Hillsboro Middle School. He and younger brother Jacob, a second-grader, play as part of Hillsboro Chess Guild.

However, the boys don’t play chess for the academic benefits; they play because they enjoy the game and the competition. Matthew is in his second year playing in the guild; Jacob is a rookie.

“They love it,” Sharon Denholm said.

“It’s become quite the home thing,” Rob Denholm added.

Jacob hasn’t yet been able to defeat his older brother, but the Denholms expect he will be excited when he does.

“There is some definite sibling rivalry,” Sharon Deholm said.

Sixth-grader Jordan Fryhover began playing chess three or four years ago, when his father, Danny Fryhover, taught him how to play.
“I like that it involves a lot of strategy,” Jordan said.

He said he continues to improve the more he plays.

“It’s taught me patience and strategy,” Jordan said.

Patience, concentration, strategy, creativity, ability to think ahead, and competitiveness are attributes that good chess players share, sponsor Janet Whisenhunt said. Additionally, players learn etiquette and sportsmanship. Players shake hands before and after every match.

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