Top Healthy Gift Ideas from Experts
Andrea Pelin

If you don’t have any gift ideas for your loved ones this year, the experts at the Saint Louis University bring you ten unique gift ideas.

Gift #1: Workout equipment for future moms.
Exercise clothes may be a great gift for expectant moms. In this period, most women are more determined to make lifestyle changes in order to protect their babies’ health.

Gift #2: Brain gifts
Your brain needs to be trained as well, according to Dr. John Morley at the Saint Louis University’s Center for Aging Successfully. Sudoku games, video games, literary classics, chess, and crossword puzzles are gifts that enhance mental abilities.

Gift #3: Yoga for Everyone
If there’s anyone on your Christmas list who needs a break, is too stressed, or wants to improve his or her flexibility, yoga lessons are a great gift. Yoga is also a strong workout that can help you recover faster from an injury, said Dr. Victoria Cornelius, associate professor of internal medicine.

Gift #4: Cookbooks for parents
If you’re looking a gift for your parents’ heart, a Mediterranean cookbook may be what you were looking for, according to Dr. Melda Dolan, associate professor of cardiology. The Mediterranean diets are known to be healthy and delicious, because they combine fruits, fresh vegetables, olive oil, and fish.

Gift #5: Electronic toothbrush for kids
Children who seem to have everything may appreciate an electronic toothbrush. The electronic toothbrush is a great way for parents to combine oral hygiene and cool technology. Many toothbrushes also have a timer, and children may brush longer and more thoroughly.

Source: American Chronicle

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