U.S. TV Broadcast List of Cities for a 2 hour Chess Show

Jul 24, 2005 at 12 PM NY time

The list of stations will be released soon and will be listed in your local TV Guide.

1. Boston
2. NY City
3. Philadelphia
4. Washington, D.C.
5. Baltimore
6. Norfolk
7. Winston-Salem-Durham
8. Memphis
9. Nashville
10. Tampa
11. Toronto
12. New Orleans
13. Houston
14. Austin
15. Dallas
16. Pittsburgh
17. Columbus
18. Indianapolis
19. Chicago
20. Twin-Cities
21. St. Louis
22. Denver
23. Kansas City
24. Phoenix
25. Los Angeles
26. San Francisco
27. San Diego
28. Portland
29. Seattle
30. Buffalo, NY
31. Louisville
32. Jackson, TN

You can also watch it on the Internet!!

Internet Broadcast List of Cities and Websites

Alabama, Missouri, Michigan, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, Texas, California, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, Washington, DC, New York, Nevada, Georgia.

Also, the entire Continent of Africa, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and Dominican Republic!

Tampa Bay, Florida, Metropolitan Area, including, Pasco, Hernando, Citrus, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Polk, Manatee, and Sarasota Counties. http://www.tbsattv.com/

Tampa Bay Satellite Television

Station #2 North Louisiana: Starting at Alexandria, LA. going east to the Louisiana state line, from Alexandria going west to the Louisiana state line, and from Alexandria going north to the Louisiana state line, all within.

Fair Lawn, NJ: http://www.fetvnewyork.com/ http://www.fetvsuffolkcty.com/ http://www.fetvafrica.com/ http://www.fetvn.com/ http://www.fetvdc.com/ http://www.fetvlasvegas.com/ http://www.fetv2.com/

North Louisiana Satellite Television: http://www.nlsattv.com/

Neosho, MO: www.realityworldonlinetv.com/mo www.realityworldonlinetv.com/ar

Boone, NC: http://www.boonetv.com/ http://www.winstonsalem-tv.com/ http://www.greensboro-tv.com/

Moreno Valley, CA: http://www.inlandempiretv.com/ http://www.breedersusatv.com/

Omaha, NE: http://www.omahaonlinetv.com/

Columbus, OH: http://www.columbusohioitv.com/

Toledo, OH: http://www.weuptv.com/ http://www.w3ctv.com/ http://www.jpztv.com/ http://www.wzztv.com/ http://www.koktv.com/ http://www.wjbtv.com/

San Marino, CA: http://www.tvcal.com/ http://www.tvcali.com/ http://www.tvsocal.com/

Spencer, OK: http://www.okcsattv.com/ http://www.tulsasattv.com/ http://www.normansattv.com/

Chesterfield, MI: http://www.anchorbaytv.com/

San Angelo, TX: http://www.itvn-west-texas.us/

Indiana and Illinois: http://www.galaxy1a.com/

Warsaw, IN: http://www.warsawintv.net/

Meridian, MS: http://www.meridianinternettv.com/

San Juan, Puerto Rico: http://www.puertoricsattv.com/ http://www.virginislandssattv.com/ http://www.santodomingosattv.com/

Atlanta, GA: http://www.atlantatv.biz/

Romulas, MI: http://www.detroitonlinetv.com/

North Carolina: http://www.monroenettv.com/ http://www.metronettv.com/

Here are the rest: http://www.mecknettv.com/ http://www.therocknettv.com/ http://www.stanleynettv.com/ http://www.salinburynettv.com/

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