Yannick Pelletier – Sophie Millet

September, 22-nd the Swiss chess player Yannick Pelletier celebrated his birthday. Our team together with his girlfriend Sophie Millet playing for the French national team at the Olympiad congratulated him on his day.

– Was love for chess the reason of your friendship with Yannik?
-One can say so. We met at the chess tournament “Akropolis” in Athens in 2005. We have been together for five year already.

Are you married?
– Officially not, we live together in a civil marriage. French people do not like stamps in the passports.

– What was your impression when you first met?
– He was very attentive to me as a person. It touched me a lot- said Sophie with a modest smile.

– Was he a romantic gentleman while winning your heart?
– Yes, he is but I would not say this about me.

– You have got to know him better during all these years. Can you tell us more about him?
– He is a very calm, modest and open-minded person.

– What was especially remarkable for you this year?
– It’s not that easy to answer this question. We worked a lot this year and didn’t really have time to rest.

– Have you prepared any present for him?
– Yes, I bought him a nice t-shirt.

– Is it a souvenir T-shirt of this Olympiad?
– No, I brought it from France.

– How did his friends congratulate him?
– As I have already said, Yannick is shy and he is not expecting any attention from other people. His close friends, of course, must have prepared something for him.

Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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