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Modern Chess 3 content

Modern Chess is a magazine by GMs for club players, dedicated to openings, theory, game strategy and much more. The broad team of GMs headed by GM Grigorov brings yet another amazing edition of Modern Chess, part of the Chess magazines packs

* Dragon Variation of Sicilian Defence (GM Nikolai Ninov)

* The importance of the initiative in endgame (GM Boris Chatalbashev)

* Carlsen – Naiditsch (Tromso-ol, NOR 2014)

* Ulibin – Gurevich (Wch U20, Santiago 1990)

* Spielmann – Rubinstein (St. Petersburg, 1909)

* Dervishi – Skembris (Ano Liosia-op 1996)

* Zvjaginsev – Onischuk (11th Berliner Sommer 1993)

* Endgame Series – Part III (GM Davorin Kuljasevic) – Electric pawns part 1 and 2, Common square (bishop, knight, etc)

* Georgiev – Rusev (BUL-ch, 2013)

* Alapin Variation of Sicilian Defence (GM Petar Arnaudov)

* Isolated Queen Pawn (GM Viktor Gavrikov)

* Honfi – Dorfman (Pecs-A, 1976)

* IQP – Advance of the „f“ and „h“ pawns (GM Grigor Grigorov)

* Botvinnik – Vidmar (Nottingham 1936)

* Kotov – Khalilbeili (URS-ch, Yerevan 1955)

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