03/10/2008 11:43
Spassky in Iceland to Honor Fischer’s Memory

Former world champion in chess Boris Spassky and friend of late chess master Bobby Fischer is currently in Iceland to commemorate Fischer’s 65th birthday and participate in the 23rd annual Reykjavík Chess Tournament, held in Fischer’s memory.

Today, chess grandmasters Lajos Portisch and Pal Benko from Hungary, Vlastimil Hort from the Czech Republic and Fridrik Ólafsson from Iceland will compete in the tournament, while Spassky and William Lombardy, Fischer’s teacher and assistant, will do the commentary, Morgunbladid reports.

Yesterday, a special memorial service about Bobby Fischer was held in the Culture House in Reykjavík where Iceland’s Prime Minister Geir H. Haarde spoke about the importance of the Spassky-Fischer duel in 1972.

Source: Iceland Review

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