Dear Yuri Lvovich!

On behalf of World Chess Federation (FIDE), millions of your fans all around the globe and me personally, please accept the most heartfelt and sincere congratulations on your 95th Anniversary!
Your chess carrier deserves a high recognition. The USSR Champion, the Honored Master of Sport of USSR, International Arbiter and International Judge of Chess Compositions, a member of the national team in many major chess tournaments, an editor-in-chief of “Chess Moscow”, “Chess in the USSR”, “Chess Bulletin”, a host of “Chess School” television programme, an internationally recognized chess historian and a true encyclopedist, an author of several chess books which are popular to this day.

More than forty years you headed the Russian Chess Federation. You have made a great contribution to the popularization and promotion of chess, without exaggeration, you opened the way for the sport to the thousands of chess players. You have devoted all your life to this noble game, remaining faithful to your cause. And as a result of many years of your work – your book ” A History of Chess from Chaturanga to the Present Day.”

Your rich life experience, competence, high efficiency and energy, hardness in achieving the goal – these and many other qualities of your character always enhance your credibility and a deserved respect among your colleagues and friends.

Let me express to you, dear Yuri Lvovich, my appreciation for your loyalty to this noble game, creative and sporting success, the realization of all your endeavors in your multi-activities for the benefit of chess, as well as peace, good luck and prosperity!

Let your life be always full of understanding, love and support of like-minded colleagues, family and friends!

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov
FIDE President