Other sports recognised too: Anand

Raipur, Dec 19: Cricket might be an eyesore to other sportspersons but after being feted to a grand welcome following his World Championship title, Grandmaster Vishwanathan Anand has no complains and said other sports are also getting recognition in India.

“When I returned to India after winning the World Championship, I was touched by the kind of reception and welcome accorded to me. It is untrue to say that only cricket is getting prominence,” he said.

“Chess is gaining popularity in India, especially in the last 15 years, as it was an indoor game and can be played anywhere,” said Anand, who was here for a function to promote the game.

Asked whether cricket was getting more support, Anand said though other sports are also getting support but more can be done.

Anand said among the younger players in the country Sashikiran and Koneru Humpy have a bright future in the international scene.

When asked how long he wants to continue playing chess, Anand said he was not thinking about retirement at present and wants to concentrate on his game for another 5-6 years.

Queried of his post-retirement plans, Anand said anything but politics.

“I don’t see my future in politics,” was the short reply of Anand at a press conference here when asked whether he had any plan to join politics.

Anand also promised to speak Hindi like his wife as he is touring the entire country to promote chess and mastery over the language will help him interact with a larger audience.

Source: zeenews.com

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