Chess in the schools International conference in San Luis, Argentina.

The Ajedrez Escolar Inicial (AEI) has 20,600 kids in 237 schools with 72 teachers. Among the main reasons the local government and the de La Punta University supports chess, with this 20 year project, long term plan, to encourage more interest in the science and technology related field among the next generation.

Alicia Banuelos – the Rector of ULP and Minister of Development (del Progreso) She opened the congress

Professor Uvencio Blanco from Venezuela the president of FIDE’s Chess in the Schools Comitee gave a lecture yesterday (in red).

The other man (in dark suit) is Fernando Salino – Secretario de Extension de la ULP

The world’s best chess commentator Leontxo Garcia (in brown jacket) gave a wonderful speech about the “10 reasons to promote chess”

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