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Igor Khmelnitsky is an experienced chess coach, author of the award-winning and best-selling Chess Exam books as well as numerous articles and training course in various chess media.

Now, he is trying to take chess self-assessment to a new level. He teamed up with a talented IT professional and chess enthusiast Salvatore Borrelli, and created this unique website, that will help you continuously assess your skills, keep track of your progress, and try challenging and entertaining puzzles.

The focus definitely is on quality and not on quantity. Many of the puzzles have surprising traps and twists; hence you will be asked to spend at least several minutes before submitting your answer. We are certain that you will enjoy the puzzles and, very likely, improve your knowledge and results.

Registration is free. Also, please make sure you read the new user startup guide as well as our general FAQs. We are striving to improve, and your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Igor & Sal

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