Pawns and king helping children’s problem solving
Kate Scotter
Tuesday, January 20, 2015
9:30 AM

As part of the Chess in Schools and Communities initiative, Scarning Primary School, near Dereham, has become one of the first schools in Norfolk to host chess classes.

The scheme is designed to help children to improve not only their mathematical skills but also their ability to problem solve, think outside the box and to win and lose with grace.

Deputy headteacher Sarah Hawes said: “It’s had a big impact on when they work together and problem solve. We’ve seen benefits in how they think.

“Chess makes them think about their next move and the implications of that move and that’s translated in other areas of their lives and problem solving.

“A lot of the children in the class in the chess club and a lot of them play it at home now.

“It doesn’t matter about your ability, chess is something everybody can access.”

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