– Description: Are You ready to become a real chess hero? Chess Evolution Puzzle Hero will make one out of You. Enjoy solving puzzles, open new levels and train Your brain by solving the chess puzzles as fast as possible to achieve the maximum number of points and lead the highscore charts! All puzzles have been selected by World Top Chess Grandmasters, which makes the program unique! The way to become a Chess Evolution Puzzle Hero is a never ending story, be the part of it!

– 18 levels
– 900 free puzzles
– all puzzles are selected by World Top 100 Grandmasters
– each level has an additional package with 200 extra puzzles
– credits for achieving a higher level
– enjoy the great graphic design and precise movement of the pieces.
– funny celebrations after solving a puzzle
– all levels are well balanced and ordered from low to high strength of play
– excellent for training Your concentration and focusing skills
– an easy option for saving your favorite puzzles and showing them to Your friends
– a very educational program for any level of chess player

A new chess application is available in the stores. Chess Evolution Puzzle Hero is free to download to iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

The educational application contains 18 levels, each with 50 puzzles, all selected by strong Grandmasters. Each level has an additional package of 200 extra puzzles.

You have to solve the growing difficulties of puzzles as fast as you can in order to achieve the maximum number of points, open new levels and to climb up on the high score list of the other Puzzle Heroes.

Enjoy the nice graphics and the funny celebrations after finding the solutions. Chessplayers on any levels will find their real challenges. An excellent application to train you tactical, visual and focusing skills combined with great fun.

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