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Kazan chosen as a compromise between Armenia and Azerbaijan
Arkady Dvorkovich about the Candidates Matches

Arkady Dvorkovich, Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Russian Chess Federation, revealed some details about the Candidates Matches, which will be held from 3 to 27 May 2011 in Kazan, Russia.

Q: Why did you propose Kazan as venue for the Candidates Matches?

A: When FIDE understood that having Armenian chess player competing on the Azerbaijan soil became impossible, we decided to act as peacemakers. We stated that we are open for proposals from all countries, but if nobody should stand up, we are prepared to resolve the situation. Tatarstan is capable of hosting such event and we know that they won’t have organizational problems, that everything will function perfectly. And we will share the financial costs.

Q: According to the FIDE regulations, the host of the Candidates Matches is entitled to nominate one player. GM Mamedyarov, a nominee of Azerbaijan, will compete in Kazan. Why did Russian Chess Federation agree to this?

A: It was part of the compromise.

Q: Compromise at our expense?

A: Yes, for the peace efforts of Russia. Sometimes it is necessary to reaffirm our position of the leaders in the chess world and that we have influence in the decision-making. Yes, there is the cost, but more important is what we do for our country’s reputation.

Q: But Sergey Karjakin could have played …

A: Of course, we would have liked to include another of our players, but we also want to have all the world’s strongest players competing, and without the Armenian Grandmaster, the chess world would be at huge loss.

Q: You said that we are the leaders in the chess world. Perhaps we are, in moral terms, but the leadership is in fact already lost …

A: We lost the crowns of World Champions, it is sad, of course. But if you look at the rating list of top 100 players, Russia is still dominating. However, the competition is constantly growing stronger, that is true.

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