Game 1 of this 3rd tiebreaker had resulted in a draw, so this game was winner-take-all (a draw would have resulted in the 4th set of tiebreakers). Dominguez opened with e4 and Polgar relied on her trusted prepared weapon for this tournament, playing an interesting line in the Sicilian with 4. …Qb6 – avoiding the most topical and thoroughly analyzed main lines. I was somewhat disappointed by Dominguez’s preparation in this game, as his plan seemed simply too slow.

Polgar actively deployed and coordinated her pieces while Dominguez lethargically maneuvered for a kingside attack. Before Dominguez could begin creating serious threats, Polgar was able to thematically break open the center with 17. …d5! and exploit white’s lack of development and coordination. Dominguez was unable to find his way through the tactical complications that ensued, and black ended up with a very favorable material balance – maintaining a queen for a rook. Polgar played perfectly at this critical juncture and won the game (and the match!) in convincing fashion.

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