How has boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. become one of the biggest boosters of chess as a mindsport, hobby and educational tool? Last week, Mayweather, who has won eight world titles in three different weight classes, appeared on the “Colbert Report” on Comedy Central. “I love chess…it teaches you tactics, skill and creativity,” said the undefeated boxer from Grand Rapids.

Earlier this year, Mayweather said on MSNBC that chess keeps him 10 steps ahead of his opponents, referring to both his offense and defense technique. There are links to both interviews at Has boxing put chess in perspective, or has chess civilized boxing?

Soon to be International Master Luke Harmon-Vellotti, l4, of Idaho has enrolled at UCLA, saying he’s taken all the math and science courses he can in secondary school. He works at the family business, Vellotti’s Chess School, as a senior instructor and curriculum designer. CBS and ABC videos are available at He even has his own website,

Last week at, New England drew with Connecticut and Boston tied Baltimore in round five. Tuesday, Connecticut meets Manhattan, New England faces New Jersey and Boston takes on New York in round six, with live games at

The Memorial Swiss was won by Lawyer Times of Hyde Park. Full results of the 84-player event at the Natick Senior Center can be found at

Bruce Pandolfini relates his endgame seminar on Feb. 27, 1975, at Chess City in Manhatten at Not only can you learn about rook endings, but you can learn how to give a lecture on them to others, in this seventh monthly Pando Random presentation posted on Wednesday.

This week on is again a diverse choice of events around New England, from tomorrow’s seventh Keene, N.H., championship to a free scholastic event Saturday at Randolph’s public library. Next Sunday will be the 80th Greater Boston Open in five rated section at Marlboro’s Royal Plaza Hotel.


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