The Torres Chess and Music Academy Adds New Chess Classes in 2014

The Torres Chess and Music Academy has two different Saturday Chess Classes starting on February 15.

San Jose, California (PRWEB) January 21, 2014

In order to help even more young chess players in 2014, the TCAMA has scheduled two new chess classes which start on Saturday, February 15. James Paquette and Chris Torres will be presenting any children who register for these Saturday classes with an hour long chess lesson followed by one round of USCF rated chess play. The first Saturday class will be held from 1:00 until 3:00 at Achiever institute in Fremont, California. The second class, which includes a pizza dinner, will be held from 5:00 until 7:30 at the Spring Light Education Institute in San Jose, California.

James Paquette is the Director of Instruction for the Torres Chess and Music Academy and an inspirational chess coach. As a child, James regularly attended chess classes taught by Chris Torres and, as an adult, he has mastered the Torres system of teaching chess. “Parents are constantly sharing with me not only how much their children learn from Mr. Paquette’s chess classes but also how their kids are coming home so much more enthusiastic about chess after a single class with James.” – Chris Torres

Chris Torres has likely coached or helped to instruct more national chess champions over the last five years than any other chess teacher. In 2009, Chris coached for the Mission San Jose Elementary School chess team which became the first school from California ever to win the National Elementary Chess Championship. That same year, Chris also taught the top kindergartener, first grader and third grader at the USCF Super Nationals. In 2013, the Torres Chess and Music Academy program at Mission San Jose Elementary School won the National Elementary Chess Championship for the second time. Even with all the success of his students at prestigious tournaments, Chris Torres is rarely visible during the award ceremonies as he believes that the “focus of such events should be to honor the accomplishments of young chess players and not for coaches to promote their services.”

The Torres Chess and Music Academy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to delivering the very best chess and music experiences to children throughout Northern California. Saturday chess programs run by the Torres Chess and Music Academy are open to any child from any school or chess club that would like to advance their chess knowledge. All students who attend programs run by the Torres Chess and Music Academy are treated equally regardless of who their private coach may be or which club they represent at tournaments. For more information on our Saturday chess classes, please visit the Torres Chess and Music Academy’s website.

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