The 2014 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival took place from Monday 27th January to Thursday 6th February at Caleta Hotel in Gibraltar.

The Festival consisted of five events: Masters, Challengers Wk1 (U2250), Challengers Wk2 (U2250), Amateurs Wk1 (U1900) and Amateurs Wk2 (U1900).

The Masters section attracted 256 players from 48 countries, including 76 Grandmasters and 10 players rated above 2700 FIDE.

After 10 rounds of play, Grandmasters Vassily Ivanchuk, Ivan Cheparinov and last year winner Nikita Vitiugovshared the first place with 8,0 points each.

According to the tournament regulations, a tie-break had to settle the overall winner. After drawing of lots, Cheparinov was seeded into the final, while Ivanchuk and Vitiugov played the first match.

The two rapid games were drawn, but Vitiugov won both blitz games to progress to the final.

In the final Cheparinov came on the top with 1,5-0,5 to win the tournament and top prize of 20,000£.

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