Welcome to the 4th Annual Battle at the Border

The Battle at the Border is a tournament held annually in Lloydminster, Alberta designed to provide a unique chess experience. In addition to uniting players from across Western Canada in chess competition, the Battle is an event where the social aspects of our game are brought to the fore, resulting in a tournament that benefits not only the players, but chess in the Prairies as a whole.

Although the 2010 Battle shares many similarities with its predecessors, this year organizers have more ambitious goals for attendance, amenities and tournament attractions. To start with the tournament is taking place on a long weekend, which allows an increase in the number of rounds from four to six without exceeding two rounds per day. The familiar Lakeland College classroom is being replaced by one of the largest conference rooms in the city, and most importantly, several notable players including GM Nakamura, GM Charbonneau, IM Teplitsky and FM Yoos have been invited to play.

Top 5 standings:

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